Welcome to the Stylefish Snowboardschool in Winterberg in the beautiful Hochsauerland area in germany. As the first and only pure Snowboardschool in Sauerland, focusing solely on snowboarding and as an official BURTON “Learn to Ride” centre, we are without a doubt the top address for snowboarding in the whole sauerland area! With an experience of more than 25 years as well as a pool of 30 snowboard instructors we are able to meet all individual quality requirements. It doesn´t matter if you´re up for beginner-, advanced- oder freestyle-lessons, we will show you how to ride!

If you´d like to get a feeling what you can expect when you join our courses, just watch the short video above 🙂

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Stop only watching. YOU can do it too!

We teach you Snowboarding.

In only 3 days.


For we give a succsess guarantee!

We are so convinced by our learning system that our packages include a succsess-guarantee. Anyone who is not satisfied with his progress after a three-day course can extend the course free of charge (!) until he has reached his learning target (both curves and lifting)! Our snowboard lessons take place in Winterberg and Neuastenberg. To date, we have got several thousand people up on boards and practically everyone managed to learn to ride.

Snowboardlessons for Children

Some of the local ski schools spread the idea that small kids have to learn skiing first, before they could join a snowboard-course. But that´s totally nonsense. Our Kids Rental Boards start at a lenght of 80cm and our special Kids-Softboots at a size of 21 EUR. Our youngest Rookie was 2,5 years old. You can so see the results of starting i such young age by watching the following video 🙂

Kids & Snowboarding

Sometimes we get asked at what age your kids are gonna be able to start snowboarding.

Our Answer: It ist absolutely no problem to start at the age of 3 years or even younger. Our special kids-trainingboards start at a length of 80cm and our boots at size 24.

If you wanna get an idea what can happen if your kid starts at that young age, let me intodruce you mr dylan heinstein - 6 years old and already almost a proffessional 🙂